Customer Experience Manager

  1. The Customer Experience (CX) team is responsible for overseeing customer satisfaction (CSAT), customer recovery, and retention through escalation management and continuous audits on customer interactions and customer insight.
  2. The CX team first and foremost must ensure that customers; needs are met. They must be able to think quickly on their feet and communicate effectively with customers directly if needed and turn negative member experiences into positive ones.
  3. The CX team liaisons between internal departments (Sales & Ops Team), service partners, and customers. Members of this team must have good communication skills and be able to establish good relations within the company. Helping solve other teams; problems might also be required, so learning the ins and outs of the company is a must.
  • Works with internal departments and service partners to resolve basic to moderately complex customer inquiries (escalations), ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Reviews quality data, identify trends, patterns, anomalies, and make recommendations regarding indicators related to changes in quality levels in the business.
  • Analyses consumer feedback (customer insight and action) and measures the business impact of customer service identifies process gaps and proposes improvement at all levels of the organization.