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How many employees are in your organization?

Colleagues are currently struggling with some form of mental health issue.

Hours lost per year due to work - related stress, depression and anxiety.


The annual cost of ill-mental health across absenteeism, loss of productivity and staff turnover.

* figures are estimated based on Global research.

Thriving employees make for thriving businesses.

Healthier and happier teams are more productive and motivated to perform better. They are also equipped with grit and resilience in facing challenges.

Boosted Wellness

Implementing a health program means that you are committed in the wellness of your employees.

Improved Culture

Creating a culture of openness provides your people safe spaces for sustainable growth.

Satisfied Teams

Allowing your teams access to mental health support when they need it assures them that they are cared for.

Get the support you need today.

Our team is ready when you are.
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Our End-to-End solution

Counseling & Therapy

Give your employees access to online counseling and therapy services through our easy-to-use platform.


Understand how investing in mental health impacts your business with a subscription to our analytics platform.

Culture Drives

Equip your team with useful mental wellness practices through our regular seminars and training.

Crisis Helplines

Strengthen your mental health program with our chatbot and care hotline for more emergent member concerns.

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